Ellen and Gracie welcome Roosevelt HS students

Ellen and Gracie welcome Roosevelt HS students

We are seeing God accomplishing his plan here at Mowatt. We are a small church family that gathers for worship and fellowship. Our fellowship gatherings provide an opportunity to relate with each other, to share wisdom, to enjoy the uniqueness of each and every one of us, and to share our stories. Our members come to know each other by name. And everyone can play a part in our worship experience

Our church is a place where we can all come together to be more and to do more with our lives than we could as separate individuals. We pour ourselves into our church to make a positive difference in this world. We welcome new members who would like to learn more about and would like to become a part of our story.

Our church is small enough that our pastor can meet with us individually to help us answer our questions about God and our spirituality, and to help us make sense of the setbacks in our lives.

Our Bible studies are small enough that everyone in the group can develop deep friendships.

Many of our members have experienced great blessings in their lives. And our church is their opportunity to give back, making a visible difference in the lives of others. And our church is small enough that every one of these individuals who shares from their great blessings will make a big impact on what our church can do.

You will find that our church is always happy to welcome new members to our church family!

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